Work flow has many definitions. One of the most generally accepted definitions is that work flow is the capturing and development of interaction between people and information systems to trigger an appropriate action. With that in mind, Rover Data Systems has developed a system that allows the definition of an unlimited number of activities.

In today’s fast-paced business environments, it’s not always sufficient to wait until you run a report to find out if an activity you were waiting for has occurred. With the Rover ERP system, users can set triggers on any event in the system that will notify them when it occurs. These notifications can come in the form of an internal message through our standard messaging system, or an email, delivered to any number of recipients they choose.

ERP Workflow Integration

Imagine the power of knowing immediately when a selected part that you were waiting for is received. Or that a customer order has gone on hold for some reason. There is virtually no limit to the numbers and types of user alerts that can be set. Additionally, user alerts can be made to be one-time use, or persistent, meaning the alert happens every time a selected event occurs.

The Work Flow Management system allows you to define reliable and repeatable activities that will help ensure that you and your people will have the information they need when they need it.

  • Set alerts on any activity in the system
  • Define alert definitions that your employees can turn into alerts
  • On screen notification of alert messages
  • Integration with email
  • Establish actions and tasks
  • Set reminders on activities