The Complete Solution For Manufacturers and Distributors

Rover ERP is a complete Enterprise Software Solution created to meet and exceed small to medium-sized businesses’ requirements.

All the features of Rover ERP play together in perfect harmony giving you one source of truth for the customer life cycle.

This will help eliminate the need to maintain the same data in multiple spots and dramatically increase efficiency throughout your entire company.

The Rover ERP system is extremely robust from day one, but we know that every business is different. We work with our clients to incorporate the changes needed to adapt to new processes and business requirements as your company grows.

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Adapts to Fit Your Needs

We know every business process is unique, especially in the manufacturing and distribution space.

Many larger software vendors provide Enterprise solutions that were designed for Fortune 500 and then “scaled down” to sell to smaller businesses. To these vendors, all companies are the same.

At Rover, we don’t believe all companies are the same. We created our software and approach to fit small to medium-sized (SMB) businesses that want to integrate their own unique processes into the software they use.

We believe software should adapt to the needs of your business – not the other way around.

Our commitment to helping businesses with the right solution has turned all of our clients into life-long customers.