The Rover ERP System includes complete, easy to learn and use applications for financial functions such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger. The Financial Applications are designed to let you easily modify them to fit your business processes. For example, the Accounting department has complete ability to define:

  • Account numbers
  • Aging periods
  • Fiscal periods
  • Month-end close procedures

This allows Rover ERP users the ability to run financial operations as they desire instead of conforming to new standards, making workers more efficient and cutting training and implementation times.
Rover ERP is designed to allow you to perform normal operations while completing period-end processing. The rest of the company can operate normally, and efficiently, and can keep entering and fulfilling orders while the books are being closed.

Finally, since all applications reside within the same system, the Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Production and Service applications can be set to automatically generate financial application records. This improves efficiency and rids you of the costs of re-keying of data or data entry errors.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable application gives you maximum control of the payable process. You define aging periods and whether items are paid individually or by due date. Integration with the Purchasing application allows automatic vouchering of received items, reducing data entry time and costly errors.

  • Detail or summary aging
  • Multiple cash disbursement accounts
  • Accrued entries created from receiving process
  • Reports on variances between purchase order and invoice costs
  • The ability to manage recurring expenses
  • The ability to manage printing of system checks or entry of manual checks
  • The reporting and printing of 1099s
  • Use continuous form, laser pre-printed or blank-stock check forms

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable application gives you the ability to enter and maintain customer invoices, and to process payments against those invoices. As with all Rover ERP applications the user defines the aging periods, and how accounts should be handled. Integration with the Marketing application means automatic creation of invoices and credit memos, as well as credit checking capabilities.

  • Accurate reporting of aging (in detail or summary form) for any date
  • Aging based on due date or invoice date
  • Full or partial payment capability
  • Multiple cash accounts
  • Remit-to customer payments
  • Applying of cash to individual items
  • Complete sales tax control and reporting
  • A cash-on-account application
  • Entry and tracking of recurring invoices
  • Miscellaneous debit and credit memos
  • Customer statements on demand
  • Accounts receivable write-offs
  • Calculation of discount dates and amounts with override option
  • Easy reversal of incorrectly posted cash
  • Overdue notice reporting

General Ledger

The General Ledger application is flexible and allows the Controller / CFO / Accounting Manager to define many of the options such as Account Number, Structure, Fiscal Periods, and Fiscal Calendars. The GL application also allows either manual entries or, through integration with the other Rover ERP applications, automated data entry. There is a full-featured report writer that allows the creation of financial reports such as a Balance Sheet and Income Statements.

  • Allows past and future fiscal calendars
  • Tracks data by actual and budget
  • Posts prior period and prior year until final close
  • Future period posting allowed
  • Closes with a fiscal year process that updates all income statement accounts to retained earnings
  • Gives you the ability to view subsidiary ledgers from other applications in detail or summary form
  • Provides multiple reporting options: current period, quarter to date, year to date, prior year comparisons, etc.