The concept of Project Management has grown beyond simply creating a timeline of events, printing out a schedule and then hoping everybody involved can keep to the schedule. With Rover ERP, projects can be tracked at a cost and transaction level that will provide you with the level of detail control you need to make sure your project is successful and profitable.

ERP based Project Management

Projects can come in all shapes and sizes. Some projects involve a new Marketing initiative that involves tracking activity with customers and prospects. More involved projects can involve a new development effort that includes everyone from Engineering trying to design new products, to Production making sure their machines can build the new product, to Sales and their efforts to sell it. Along the way, it’s important to track the true cost of the effort. In the design phase of a project, there may not be any sales orders or work orders against which costs are captured. These costs are such things as engineering and drawing, product design and inventory and parts that are used in the design and testing.
With the Rover ERP Project Management system, you can track labor and overhead costs and well as material costs to each step of a project. Considering that there are an unlimited number of steps and sub-projects that can be defined, you get an unparalleled ability to track your costs and compare expenses to income.

  • Define projects with an unlimited number of steps / tasks
  • Establish sub-projects and tasks
  • Track planned, projected and actual dates, costs and budgets
  • Activity in other modules feeds directly to the project
  • Post independent labor and overheads
  • Post independent material
  • Single and multi-level reporting