Modern executives and business owners need the ability to quickly assess the condition of their business. Technology can provide executives, Line of Business (LOB) managers, and owners a view of key business indicators online or in printed report format to allow an instant, up to date understanding of critical business conditions. Rover Data Systems created the Executive Information System (EIS) to give our executive users the information they need to monitor day-to-day operations. This information snapshot provides key operational success measures, including month, quarter and year-to-date performance metrics. At a quick glance, or by running standard or custom reports, an executive can see information on booking, shipments, purchases, and cash received and disbursed in a high-level format.

Executive Inquiry

Executive Inquiry is designed to provide executives with a quick business snapshot of selected business measures. The snapshot provides users with a quick view of actual business results. Executives can then explore points of special interest or concern. In addition, summary results for daily, monthly quarterly and year-to-date results are provided. This gives you a more in-depth view of current items, such as sales bookings, cash receipts and cash expenditures.
The Rover ERP Executive Inquiry application displays current figures on important business metrics such as:

  • Open sales order backlog
  • Open purchase order backlog
  • Cash received
  • Cash disbursed
  • Shipments
  • Receipts
  • Orders booked
  • Purchase orders placed
  • Cash requirements based upon delivery dates of backlog

Sales and Booking Analysis

Even a quick view of current business conditions is not sufficient to truly understand the current business condition. Often executives want a more in-depth view of the current sales and booking results to really understand how the business is performing. The Rover ERP Sales and Booking Analysis application provides both detail and summary reports detailing sales and booking status. Additionally, the detail sales and booking files are designed to allow easy access through the report writer screens, or any popular, external report writer. This lets an executive create his own custom reports or allows you to use third-party analysis tools to view the data.

  • Provides sales analysis reports by part, rep, customer and date
  • Booking reports by part, rep, customer and date
  • Gives both detail and summary report capability
  • Can interface to other reporting or analysis tools
  • Flexibly provides important information any way you want it