Whether you are a retail operation with many point-of-sale locations, or simply have a walk-up window where customers can buy your product, a complete and easy to use Point of Sale system is imperative to your success. Your Point of Sale system, and the personnel that work them, are your face to the customer. Making the buying experience easy for your customer will lead to happy customers who will return and bring their friends.

Point of Sale ERP Integration

A strong Point of Sale system is much more than just putting a cash register on a counter. While the actual retail screen being used is important, equally important is having that part of the operation integrated with a strong business software system. Strong pricing capabilities with sale dates, customer-specific pricing for regulars or corporate accounts, accurate inventory views to know what is available. These are all components of a strong Point of Sale system. Consider also, what else must go on for you to run your business. Purchasing and receiving of parts, returns to vendors, accounting, inventory, marketing. Doesn’t it make sense to have a single software product that helps you with all of it?

POS Screen

The Rover ERP Point of Sale screen is both easy to use and contains the information necessary to your sales rep. Fully secured to your specifications, it allows easy visibility of order information. You can enter, or scan parts with a bar code device, such as a gun or wand. The system allows for grouping of parts for package pricing and links to the powerful pricing matrix that allows price definition by a combination of part, customer and/or specific code pricing.

  • Unlimited number of items per order
  • Layaways allow you to take an order that will be picked up later
  • Take several forms of payment (credit card, cash, coupon, or a combination)
  • Check stock on-line in all of your locations
  • Keep track of the source of the sale

Customer Activity History

No system can be successful without maintaining activity history on customers. At the click of a button, Rover ERP can tell you what a customer bought, when they bought it and what they paid for it. It can tell you what returns are in process and what the current status of their account is.

  • Check sales history
  • Check account status
  • See payment history