Sales and Marketing are crucial to the revenue plans of any growing company. No company can meet their revenue targets without finding new customers or without completely satisfying their existing customers. Customers want a vendor who has an easy to use order and customer service process. They don’t want to waste time with vendors who have inadequate systems to satisfy them. Rover ERP recognizes the need to provide an easy to use and flexible order processing and customer service system. We give you everything you need to provide an easy and complete order entry application that includes up to date data on the prospect, their individual sales quotations, and inventory status. If customers call to question an order, Rover ERP maintains a complete sales order history, a history of any returns, shipping and receiving information and sales analysis capabilities. Rover ERP also seamlessly converts quotes to sales orders to improve your fulfillment capabilities. Order entry and sales personnel have real time access to on-hand and available to promise inventory to prevent customer satisfaction issues that result from mistaken promises of inventory status.

Today, companies are looking for applications that allow them to track prospects, customer contacts and orders, and sales and marketing activities. Some companies even purchase specialized applications for the Sales Department. These sales applications become “Islands of Information” with no connection to the other systems in the company. Companies are then forced to try to integrate these sales systems with their other systems to provide a complete view of customer information. This can be costly and time-consuming. Rover Data takes a different approach. Within the Rover ERP System, we provide a complete set of sales applications that are internally integrated to the rest of the company’s systems. There is no need to spend time and money attempting to integrate a specialized sales application with the rest of the company.

Sales Order and Shipping

When companies use multiple systems or have no system, orders can get lost and customer satisfaction can be harmed. The Rover ERP sales order and shipping application prevents this problem and allows you to track sales orders from order to shipment. It also allows you to print acknowledgement and shipping documents, and provides automatic backordering of unshipped items. This saves you time and money.

  • Provides complete pricing control by part, customer or user-defined code
  • Allows you to define multiple sales reps and commissions by line item
  • Maintains customer master information including ship and sold-to addresses
  • Track change history for a sales order
  • Provides detail and summary booking reports
  • Allows unlimited scheduled shipments per sales order line item
  • Includes an interface to the powerful product configurator. This allows order entry personnel pick the correct pre-defined options and eliminates order errors and lost time while orders are checked for accuracy.
  • Printing, emailing and faxing of acknowledgments, pick lists, packing lists and invoices to improve customer service
  • Ability to view all inventory with status and the ability to add inventory and non-inventory line items. This improves the accuracy of your orders and increases customer satisfaction
  • Searching by name, phone, address, contact, PO number, etc.
  • Control of sales tax and reporting, credit checking and automatic interfaces to accounts receivable
  • Direct interface to UPS and FedEx
  • Drill down directly to the tracking numbers after shipment has occurred
  • On line interface with credit card merchant for preauthorization and charge

Quotes / Estimating

There are two main components to the Rover ERP quotation and estimating system. First a sales order quotation screen can be used to enter quotes to customers and prospects, sending the documents to the customer via email, fax or printing and mailing. Second, the estimating screen allows you to build a part by defining the components and the operational steps that involved in the part, arriving at a cost based upon criteria that you have set. From there, bills of material and routings can be automatically generated.

  • Enter quotations for customers, prospects, or a new contact
  • Linked to the pricing matrix for accurate price quotes
  • Quotations can be easily loaded into a sales order without re-keying

Return Tracking

Efficiently and accurately tracking returned materials decreases cost and improves customer satisfaction. With the Rover ERP Return Tracking application tracking and processing customer returns is fast and easy. When a customer calls to make a return, a single entry logs the planned return. When the items are received, a simple receipt screen is used to log the parts back into your warehouse. Repair work orders can also be automatically generated. Additionally, you have the ability to maintain user-defined failure codes for analysis reports. This lets you track possible trends, and to act proactively to limit the cost and damage to customer satisfaction.

  • Recall previous shipments to eliminate data entry errors
  • Validate previous customer shipment information on line
  • Print, email or fax Return Material Authorizations and receipt docs
  • Update sales files and order histories
  • Process credits against commissions
  • Return inventory to any valid location
  • Optionally charge for parts and/or labor on repairs

Commissions and Sales Analysis

Sales reps, order entry and customer service personnel are your front line of the customer interface. It is critical that a business has accurate information to analyze to assure proper sales credit and customer status. Rover ERP provides a complete sales commission and sales analysis application that allows complete sales, booking, and commission tracking analytical capabilities. The application provides the ability to extract detail from each line item and to analyze the data by customer, part, rep, date, etc. Optionally, you can divide credit on sales orders, have varying commission rates, and even interface to Accounts Payable to print commission checks.

  • Provides complete reporting and analysis capability by sales rep, customer, order, part, date, etc. It lets you stay on top of your sales activity and to manage profitability
  • Reports in either detail or summary format
  • Can interface to accounts payable to produce commission checks
  • Allows you to split and credit sales by line item and to maintain the appropriate commission rate for each item