Purchasing materials at a fair price from a reliable vendor is critical to running your business profitably. More and more companies are realizing the importance of managing their suppliers and supply chain and Rover ERP contains everything you need to properly manage your purchases and the receipt of ordered goods. The Purchasing module includes a complete purchase order history and it allows you to make receipts and debits to individual orders. Since all applications are internally integrated, you can automatically accrue items in the Accounts Payable application. This eliminates double entry and possible errors. Rover ERP even provides the ability to generate purchase recommendations and to rank your suppliers in terms of their historical performance. Vendor performance ratings are critical if you intend to take advantage of new purchasing and inventory techniques. Rover’s Purchasing provides you the flexibility to define your purchase and supply chain requirements and to change them as your business changes.


Every company has a unique way to drive their purchasing efforts. Rover ERP is flexible enough to allow you to set the procedures that drive your purchasing requirements. Information about what to purchase can come from a variety of sources. Some companies may use the MRP application to drive purchasing requirements. Others may use the min/max inventory requirements system. Either way, Rover ERP can provide the solution.

When demand is driven through the MRP application, purchase orders can be launched through use of the planner screen. Purchase requisitions can also be used to load into purchase orders.

  • Allows creation and update of the vendor master file
  • Allow users to enter purchase requisitions within approval levels
  • Supports both inventory and non-inventory items
  • Automatically converts from vendor to stocking unit of measure
  • Gives complete purchase history and reporting by vendor and part number
  • Allows unlimited purchase order line items and receipts schedules
  • Create blanket purchase orders
  • Permits definition of a purchase order as an outside processing step
  • Provides purchase price variance reporting
  • Allows vendor look-up by name
  • Produces reports giving visibility of purchase dollar commitment by period
  • Track and report vendor quality and performance on delivery
  • Track containers that have multiple purchase orders loaded


Rover ERP provides a simple application that allows your receiving personnel to verify and receive a purchase order. Simply by entering the purchase order number they can display open lines and receive the order quantities required. Complete information on the description, destination and location is provided for verification purposes. Receiving even allows for the easy reversal of errors. This can prevent costly and time-consuming adjustments that are normally needed to correct items received in error.

  • Indicates shortage and priority requirements upon receipt
  • Automatically places received items into inventory or receiving inspection
  • Produces an accrual report by receipt for accounts payable personnel
  • Allows easy reversal of items received in error

Return to Vendor

Sooner or later, everyone has the need to return materials to their vendor, whether it’s due to the vendor itself, damage during shipping, or just material that is no longer needed. Rover ERP allows you to do this using a variety of methods. You may find a problem with the material upon inspection. With Rover ERP, simply bring up the receipt and tell the system how many are being rejected. A packing slip will be generated and a debit memo will automatically be generated in Accounts Payable. Or, you may save up vendor material, to be returned when a certain threshold is met. In this case, use our Miscellaneous Shipment process to return material that may be from different purchase order receipts.

  • Return material to the vendor and track quality statistics
  • Print packing list to accompany material
  • Keep vendor return inventory in a non-planning location, so the planning system will not see it