If you have one or more manufacturing facilities, you know the importance of having quick and accurate access to information about what is happening on the shop floor. For today’s small to medium manufacturer, it’s not good enough just to throw a work order out the back door and hope the production personnel have it ready when the customer needs it. All information about customer needs, current facilities load, personnel, available components and subassemblies needs to be monitored to make sure this vital part of your business is in sync with the rest of the company.

Rover ERP allows the definition and control over as many manufacturing facilities as you desire, treating each independently or together, depending upon how you want to run your business.

Work Centers and Routings

With Rover ERP, you have the ability to define work centers, employee skills and routings down to the part level. When you issue a work order to the floor, the system will allow you to forward schedule, backward schedule or manually schedule the job in order to make sure the appropriate dates are met.

  • Define work centers with standards and capacity hours
  • Create routings that are part-specific, or general to a function
  • Define setup, run, pre-op and post-op hours
  • Identify outside processing work centers for easy processing and tracking
  • Graphical schedule views to easily identify capacity issues and bottlenecks
  • What-if scenarios to see what impact a new order may have on capacity

Production / Shop Floor Control

Integrated bar code screens for shop movements, labor collection and time and attendance help minimize data entry errors and captures accurate costs to let you know what your margins are on any job.
Planner screens allow your personnel to view planned orders on-screen, make adjustments as necessary, and then launch those orders with a minimum of operator intervention. Optionally generate inventory pick lists, work order shop travelers, or both. Dispatch lists by work center give your area supervisors information about what is in there area, what is coming into their area and what is there that shouldn’t still be there.

  • Create work orders as needed, from a sales order or from a production plan
  • Issue parts up front, backflush all, or backflush by operation
  • Track work order status on screen
  • Work center dispatch lists
  • Easy handling and identification of shortages
  • Bar code or on screen movements
  • Partial completions allowed

Labor Collection

With Rover ERP, you can gather complete time and attendance information, or allow employees to clock into and out of jobs, or both. All of this can be done either on screen, or with integrated bar code devices and scanners. Post actual labor and optionally overhead to jobs, or post all labor at standard, depending upon your costing needs.

  • Capture labor as actual or standard
  • Bar code or on screen entry
  • Complete time and attendance with export to payroll
  • Track non-productive time