At Rover Data, we treat every customer as unique and work with them to implement our ERP system in a manner and timeframe that will guarantee success. Our commitment to long-lasting relationships has turned all of our clients into life-long customers, and we love to celebrate their success.

U.S. Wheel

In the wake of their programmer’s passing, US Wheel seamlessly transitioned to Rover ERP, igniting newfound efficiency and setting the stage for future growth.

Carr Manufacturing

Carr Manufacturing transitions to Rover ERP from Sage 50 overcoming the limitations of their previous system, achieving greater efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility.

Pioneer Packaging

Pioneer Packaging discovers the value of choosing a software solution that not only addresses current needs but also supports and drives future growth and efficiency.

Pacific Bridge Advisors

Revolutionizing Business Analytics: Pacific Bridge Advisors’ Journey with Rover BI In the fast-paced world of business analytics, having the right tools is critical. Pacific Bridge Advisors faced significant challenges with their manual, time-consuming reporting processes. Their journey for a more efficient solution led them to Rover BI, a tool that not only streamlined their reporting…

Sanders Supply

Streamlining Operations and Enhancing the Customer Experience: The Sanders Supply Transformation In today’s dynamic business environment, the right software can be a game-changer. But what happens when your software provider no longer meets your needs? Sanders Supply, a long-time user of the SHIMS application, found themselves at this crossroad. Their journey to overcome this challenge…

The Corken Steel Products Company

The Corken Steel Products Company’s Leap to an Integrated Payment Solution The Corken Steel Products Company, with 20 locations in 3 states, has been thriving and growing since its inception in 1955. From the earliest days, Corken realized the potential in utilizing technology to manage its operations. Corken was an early adopter of an ERP…

Toolrite Manufacturing

Transforming Legacy Challenges into Operational Triumphs: Toolrite’s Migration from PICK/MultiValue to Rover ERP Headquarters: New Berlin, WI Industry: Family-owned Manufacturing Challenge In the relentless tide of the digital era, businesses are feeling the urgency to adapt and modernize. Toolrite Manufacturing, an ambitious manufacturing company, found themselves hindered by the archaic constraints of their PICK/MultiValue…

Factory Motor Parts

Revolutionizing Retail & Wholesale: The “Impossible” Synergy of POS and PICK MultiValue ERP “They said it couldn’t be done – fully integrating 140 new stores in three weeks. Yet, the challenges faced by businesses were monumental, especially when bridging the gap between legacy ERP systems and the expectations of a new generation of consumers and…

Customer Case Studies

Rapid Manufacturing

Inventory control for wire and cable harness manufacturing

Critical data can be retrieved quickly, saving time and money.

Staco Systems

Inventory & Field Service Excellence

Improved office integration & efficiency while adding new features.

TMI Products

Inventory control for auto part manufacturing

Hitting sales targets with a better flow of information

MAR-CO Equipment

ERP System For Better Efficiency

Projects that once took days can be completed in minutes.