In designing the software, Rover Data Systems set out to create a series of integrated applications that provided a best of breed capability, but which were easily customizable to customer business processes at minimal expense. The ACE Utilities are the foundation upon which the product was developed and provide various tools and processes to control and make adjustments to the application. These include an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Security, Process Control, and modification logging.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Businesses today are faced with constantly changing requirements. The ability to adapt your processes and systems to these requirements in a timely and cost effective manner is critical to maintaining profitability and customer satisfaction. The Rover IDE provides the tools required to make these changes quickly and easily.

  • Provides a drag and drop form designer
  • Contains data dictionary definitions
  • Defines user defined lookups
  • Has a complete program editor
  • Allows menu definition
  • Maintains modification logging to make future upgrades easier


Your business depends on the critical information in your database. Your business can not function without trusted information on Customers, Orders, Financial Information, Inventory, Production Planning, etc. To insure this information is safe and reliable, and not compromised, you need the ability to restrict access to the appropriate personnel that you designate.

  • Security profiles by individual user
  • Define user templates for easy security definition
  • Ability to set view, add, change and delete rights
  • Ability to limit individual file access
  • Establish rules and parameters for password assignment

Process Control

Keeping your information secure includes making periodic backups of you data. The Rover Process Control makes creating backups and processing other regularly scheduled activities easy and consistent.

  • Predefines processes to run on a regular schedule
  • Allows users to add one-time processes as required
  • Utilizes processing capacity during off hours

Report Writer

It’s one thing to be able to quickly and easily get your data into the system. It is often more important to be able to get that information back out again in a format that you need. The report writer allows your users to write their own reports, base entirely upon the security access you grant them.

  • Print reports to screen, printer, or output to Excel, Word, Adobe (pdf), text, etc.
  • Easy on screen selection of files and individual fields to list
  • Allows selection of data based upon user-define criteria
  • Save reports for running again later
  • Add user-defined reports to the menu system