Engineering resources are valuable and expensive. Giving engineers the proper tools to do their jobs quickly and efficiently, and to allow them to focus on core engineering activities, is of greatest value. The Rover Engineering application is designed to allow your engineering resources to make the best use of their time. Rover ERP provides a powerful and flexible product configurator that lets engineers create the proper options once and store them for sales and order entry personnel to use to complete orders without using additional engineering resources. This makes the whole firm more productive and cuts the costs of errors. Rover ERP also provides engineers with easy access to maintain the Parts Master, Bill of Material, Product Cost and Product Configurator


Engineers need immediate and easy access to all relevant parts, manufacturing and configuration files. Rover ERP gives them this plus:

  • The ability to build unlimited levels of Bill of Materials
  • Unlimited lines of description and notes
  • The ability to cross reference a part number with model, category, drawing, specification, manufacturer or customer part number, or any number of user-defined fields
  • Single or multi-level reporting and product cost options
  • Where used inquiry
  • Engineering change notice (ECN) control and reporting
  • Definition of phantom assemblies and min/max levels
  • Revision level maintenance and control
  • Attach any image to a part record for on-screen viewing
  • Maintain change history of parts and bills of material

Product Configurator

Rover ERP provides a powerful online product configurator that enables your engineering and sales personnel to work together efficiently and profitably. Engineering uses the configurator to define the product options and then maintains the configurator to display any changes to the configuration options. Sales and order entry personnel use the configurator to virtually build a customer’s product and to select the proper options to complete an order. When the configurator is used to insure proper selections, engineers don’t need to spend their time reviewing and adjusting each product order. The configurator can save special instruction or “one off” products for reuse. This allows you to engineer it once and use it forever, while saving you engineering time and dollars.

  • Allows engineering to build and control the product options
  • Allows sales and order entry personnel to “build” a customer order without engineering support
  • Disallows improper or undefined options preventing sales from selling products you can’t make or selling products that are unprofitable
  • Makes your product configuration process more efficient, faster and easy to use.
  • This saves you time and money and increases customer satisfaction.