Rover Data Systems found that some of our customers provided Field Service to equipment or goods that they manufactured. These clients had no real method for tracking field inventory or repair parts. It often got lost in going from one field location to another. Working on the problem in conjunction with our clients, Rover Data Systems created a Field Service application that can be used by any company that needs to support and incorporate their Field Support activities. The native integration capabilities of the Rover ERP system have made it possible to integrate Field Service with other company applications like Finance, Sales, and Distribution and Inventory.

Field Service Software integrated with ERP

The Rover ERP Field Service application tracks field inventory in various states in field locations that you define: repair stock, replacement, etc. You can “loan” parts and still track them from location to location. Your business benefits by having up to the minute, real-time status of your entire inventory and costs. You control and monitor field inventory to assure that you maintain needed levels for customer service while still controlling inventory costs. This eliminates “lost” inventory and assures that costly “emergency” orders are limited.

With Rover ERP, your company can create invoices for billable time and parts usage that are directly posted into the accounts receivable system. It also allows you to schedule preventive maintenance and to track all customer activities and costs. This eliminates billing issues and assures that you get revenue in a timely manner, while maintaining high customer service standards.

The Field Service application performs complete serial number tracking and parts movement history. Separate warranties can be maintained and tracked for parts, labor and travel. Preventive maintenance scheduling is done based upon pre-determined product and service cycles. Labor, parts and miscellaneous charges are captured on a field service order and automatically generated as invoices within the financial module.

  • Allows you to define and track field inventory locations
  • Provides up-to-the-minute status of inventory in all locations, even if on “loan”
  • Lets you monitor and control field inventory costs
  • Helps prevent costly lost inventory
  • Allows complete warranty tracking
  • Provides an ability to set up maintenance schedules
  • Records all time and parts usage for billing purposes
  • Integrates with the finance application to quickly generate invoices for field activity.
  • This speeds revenue recognition and collection.