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Web Client

version 1.0.32

New Features

Rover Web


  • A GL Transaction entry screen is now available to enter new GL Journal entries via Rover Web.

 GL Transaction Entry

Point of Sale A Pick Ticket can now be printed after order creation. There is a user based default pick ticket printer option available in “Settings”, and the printer can be optionally changed for each print request.

Note: Currently only supported by select ERPs.

Point of Sale Improvements to payment processing after order origination.

Point of Sale Additional fields have been added to MRK.CONTROL to show more information about the sales order in the Order Summary page.

  • Tax Codes
  • Ship Via
  • Sales Reps
  • Pay Terms
  • Order Status

Point of Sale Sales Order Shopping Cart Enhancements

  • You can now view inventory for parts in both the part search and the cart. Click on the available quantity labels to view.
  • Custom sales order line item fields defined in SO FDICT can now be viewed and updated.
  • Line item notes have been added in the additional section. Click on the left hand column to expand the row!

API Improvements Improvements to default communication of user context from Rover Web to backend API endpoints.


  • Opportunities, Quotes, and Orders now retain filtering and sorting settings after changes are made.


  • Added pagination to the parts search table for improved navigation.

Bug Fixes

Rover Web

Payment Processing

  • An issue has been resolved where in certain cases an incorrect payment method was passed to the backend system.

Point of Sale

  • Improved the Parts Search Scanning behavior when “Auto Add Parts” is disabled in user settings.
  • Updating items in the shopping cart now focuses back to the part search.


  • Cleaned up UI for headers for id, phone number and name fields
  • Added error handling for if a date or customer did not come back
  • Fixed missing statuses

Field Service

  • Added error handling if certain inputs were not selected (ex: operations type, report type)
  • Fix added to not allow multiple updates by disabling button


Offline Mode

  • Sales tax calculation error messages are now hidden in offline mode.


  • Added the ability to hide download/email buttons in MRK.CONTROL
  • Fixed an issue where sales order type was not saving after a refresh.
  • Included RACK parts information in the draft orders table for better visibility.


  • Updated table formatting styles for better alignment of text, numbers, and dates.
  • Default table sorting updated to descending date order for improved organization.