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Web Client

version 1.0.29

New Features

Rover Web

Point of Sale

  • New flags have been added to MRK.CONTROL in the ‘POS’ tab.
    • Disable editing of part descriptionAdd a prompt to appear when changing the price of a part.

POS Price change prompt

    • Change the order of page to allow entering order information before selecting parts.

POS order information before parts

    • A Quick Scan option has been added to support dedicated scanner support and better compatibility for keyboard-shim type scanners

POS order information before parts

    • Hide New Address button that appears in Order Information tab.
    • Before navigating away from POS or from the current customer user will see a modal displaying in-progress transactions.

POS Transactions in progress

Field Services

  • New flags have been added to FS.CONTROL in the ‘Report Types’ tab.
    • Hide the REP table.
    • Hide the date info section.


Rover Web

Point of Sale

  • Default Ship Date to next day.
  • The prompt to restart order has been fixed when navigating between the order creation sections.
  • Navigation header text has been updated to show ‘Review Order’ when there are items currently in the cart.Field Service Save Order
  • Invoice and Order table text has been improved when no information has been loaded.

Field Services

  • Saving a field service now shows a screen to either email or download the order as a PDF or continue back to the home screen for Field ServicesField Service Save Order
  • Added to ability to manually enter SERIAL numbers
  • Updated operations to allow for decimal when using the number format defined in FS.CONTROL.
  • Updating the status of an order in the Kanban board has been fixed.

Sales Orders

  • Order table can now show SERVICE.REP instead of REP when available.


  • The HTML and Secure checkboxes have been removed from the Email modal.

Desktop Client

version 1.7.5

Bug Fixes


  • Addresses issues with certain forms containing nested grids when the form is resized.
  • Addresses issues with certain required field validation failing to be enforced.
  • Addresses issues with paste of value into datepicker controls failing.
  • Addresses issues with combobox options not being properly populated when forms containing grids are resized.
  • Addresses issues with focus being set incorrectly on certain forms after changes are filed.
  • Addresses issues with monospaced dialogs using an incorrect font.


  • Addresses issue with menu items failing to load when the associated menu record does not define an icon.


  • Addresses issues with CloseCall property on forms not being persisted during build.