Sales Are Growing –
But Are Profits Growing as Well?

No business plans to fail. But it’s surprising how many companies also do not plan for success.

When you’re a small company, it’s easy to keep track of orders and inventory, making sure each order is filled and whether the production line is running smoothly. But what happens when the orders start to double? Triple? If you’ve begun to ask questions that your current accounting system cannot answer, it’s time to find a new solution.

Running a successful and growing business is more than just making sure accounting entries balance. It’s inventory control, production and/or distribution control, purchasing, planning, CRM, and dozens of other areas that require points of control and ease of use.

M3 ERP from Rover Data Systems
Convenience, Transparency, Efficiency

With Rover Data’s Millennium III ERP system, you’ll always know if your company’s profits are keeping pace with your sales.

Since 1989 Rover Data has delivered a complete system that includes all the critical components necessary to manage a growing organization. With the transparency into your business that M3 provides, you’ll be able to manage a high-volume sales operation as efficiently as a small mom-and-pop store.

The M3 application is a flexible, open, customizable and complete solution that provides an outstanding information flow from order entry and receiving to accounting, production scheduling, inventory status, shipping and customer inquiries. You’ll be able to spot trends, make necessary corrections and receive immediate feedback for what’s working and what still needs attention.
In addition, M3 is flexible in two important ways. First, you can change settings to control the flow of activity in the system. That way, when your business changes operations, many times the system can be easily changed to accommodate your business methods. Second, M3 is easily customizable to your needs. From a user-friendly report writer to customer-reserved fields, we’ve already thought ahead to changes you may face in the future.

One System to Manage Growth, Countless Uses

As the central access point for all the information moving through your business, M3 can manage all of the functions your business requires. From Order Entry, through Shipping; from Purchasing through Receiving; and all of the planning and controls in between, M3 helps your users work and helps you manage.
Let’s also not forget the ease of printing, emailing, faxing, exporting to Word, Excel, etc. Everything you expect from high-priced business software at an affordable cost.