M3 ERP Software For Small & Midsize Business

Millenium 3 - M3 - SMB ERP LogoMillennium III (M3) is a complete Enterprise Software Solution created to meet and exceed the requirements of small and medium sized businesses. Over the years Rover Data Systems has worked with M3’s clients to incorporate the changes needed to stay current with new processes and business requirements, and to provide a complete set of software applications that are easy to implement- easy to learn- and easy to use.

Our key ERP Modules include:

ERP for SMB – M3 is built to fit your needs

Rover Data Systems believes that smaller companies need software that is designed specifically to fit their business needs. Many larger software vendors provide Enterprise solutions that were originally designed for the Fortune 500 and then “scaled down” to sell to smaller businesses. To these vendors, all businesses are the same (whether your firm is big or small). As long as you conform to the business processes in their software, you can manage your business just like the big guys. Rover Data doesn’t believe that all businesses are the same. We created our solution to specifically concentrate on the needs of small to medium sized (SMB) companies who want to integrate their own unique processes into the software they choose to use.

SMB companies often start their business with an accounting package as their chief internal management system. As they grow they seek greater functionality from their systems and processes, and more control of non-accounting functions. They often find that they are struggling to create and build an internal system to meet their needs. Accounting Package vendors have been quick to buy, and attempt to integrate, modules that provide needed functionality. These new modules and their integration or customization can greatly increase the total cost of the solution. And in many cases, there is no real integration to the original finance package.

The M3 system was designed to provide customers with all of the capabilities they will need within a single solution that is designed from the ground up to incorporate separate areas of functionality (such as Finance, Marketing, Engineering, Distribution, Production, etc.). Our simple, concurrent user-licensing program lets you purchase and use only the number of users that you need in the areas of functionality that you desire. Many of our clients start with users in two, three or four areas and then add users as they grow and the need arises. With M3 you can start slowly and implement only what you need, and then add other areas later. And you don’t have to worry about whether the new applications will integrate with your M3 data or whether you will have to change your business processes to use the new product.

roverRover Data Systems offers a continuity and focus that most other software companies just don’t have. Over the years we have worked with our clients to improve the M3 system and to add new functionality to meet their specific business needs. These improvements are then incorporated into the M3 product and are shared with our other clients as part of their normal support agreement.

M3 is also flexible enough to allow our clients to easily incorporate their specific business and operational processes into the M3 product. We provide our clients the ability to customize the application to fit their business needs, not the other way around.

M3 fits the needs of companies who are more concerned about operating efficiently and cost effectively rather than buying the latest buzzword compliant software. M3 is real business software designed for dedicated professionals. Our goal is to give you a complete product that provides your business a competitive advantage.