Tom Turkington

Senior Software Developer

Tom Turkington is a Software Support Engineer at Zumasys, where he provides primary-level support for the Proman application, which includes programming in jBASE and resolving database and Windows issues for Zumasys customers. Tom is also working with the MVDBTOOLKIT to develop a REST interface with Avalara’s Sales Tax API.

Before coming to Zumasys in 2020, Tom was a software developer for Proco, a Windows VAR for jBASE and Proman manufacturing software. He’s been coding since high school, and has worked with a variety of systems including IBM VM/CMS, SCO Unix, Unify RDBMS, and Unidata.

Tom has lived all over the United States, including Virginia, California, Missouri, and Washington. He even lived in Germany for a spell! He has a degree in English Literature from the University of Washington, and he spent 2 years in the Peace Corps living in Tunisia, North Africa.