by Mike Wright, Chief Technology Officer – Zumasys

Businesses usually get better over time as people learn more on the job and from their leaders. But what if there was a shortcut? Imagine a tool that helps new employees learn their jobs faster and at a higher quality, freeing up everyone to focus more on growing the business. This isn’t just an idea anymore – it’s happening now. I’m Mike Wright, the CTO of Zumasys, and we’ve added an exciting new feature, that introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI)  to Rover ERP and Rover Business Suite (RBS). During our webinar “Interactive Intelligence: Engaging with Data through AI” we unveiled this functionality in collaboration with our partners at Entrinsik.

AI in Business Intelligence: A Big Step Forward

Entrinsik is known for their smart, easy to use analytical tools. Recently they joined us to showcase their latest AI integrations within their Informer product. They started with a helpdesk feature that offers quick help and advice. Then, they showed how AI can handle routine tasks and send reminders. They also demonstrated how you can easily talk to the AI to get specific information or see sales data in a visual way.


Meet Rover AI: Your Personal AI Assistant

Imagine a scenario where every team member in your company has instant access to a specialized in-house expert, always ready to assist with a wide range of tasks. This is the reality that Rover AI brings to life.

We are excited to introduce Rover AI, our innovative AI assistant. Rover AI acts like your personal expert, available at a moment’s notice to answer questions, synthesize information, generate reports, and more. It’s like having a dedicated Rover expert in every department, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Whether you’re navigating through finance, managing inventory, or engaging in customer sales, Rover AI is there to provide suggestions and guidance. Here are some examples of what it can do:

  • Tell the accounting team which customers are late on payments and send reminders for them.
  • Plan daily production or service schedules based on demand and resources, and then apply these plans to the software.
  • Suggest sales orders and, if the sales team agrees, prepare and send quotes to customers.
  • Analyze inventory and future needs to automatically create purchase orders for vendors, with approval from the purchasing team.

These are just a few examples. Rover AI understands where you are in the software and helps you stay ahead, making your job easier.


What’s Next for AI in Rover ERP?

Check it out in action here and when you’re ready to begin your journey, contact Sales to reserve your spot.


Thank You!

Finally, I want to thank you, our audience, for your support and feedback. Your ideas and participation help us improve and innovate. As we add new features to Rover ERP, we’re excited to be on this journey with our users and partners like Entrinsik.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting path to the future of business software. Stay tuned as we continue to enhance Rover ERP with AI, one step at a time.

For those interested in discussing further, let’s keep the conversation going.