Rover Supply Chain Management Systems

As a manufacturing manager, you simply must have the flexibility to locate and organize all the many supplies you need every day, preferably at the touch of a button. Even better would be to have those capabilities at your disposal in a variety of search formats. This function is essential to the most accurate overview of your business inventories and recall of that information. If your current supply chain inventory management software doesn’t permit searching and organizing inventories by product category, description or at least a couple of features, it’s time to shop around for a system that works as hard for you as you do for your customers. It means identifying software that’s as easy to work with as you are. That means taking a closer look at Rover Data’s ERP supply chain management systems. All your organizational issues are solved with M3 software and the superior customer service from Rover that comes along with it.


Supply Chain Inventory Management

Our Millennium III (M3) software is far from a one-fits-all software solution. Unlike supply chain management systems offered by other software vendors, M3 puts the power of tracking multiple-location inventories instantaneously. After all, knowing precisely what resources you have to work with is the cornerstone of organizing and manipulating these resources, and strategizing to put them to optimal use in day-to-day business. An M3 supply chain inventory management system is just the tool that can put all these manufacturing and distribution functions at your fingertips when you – and your valued customers – need them. Talk to one of our reps about what problems face your business today, and let’s find out if M3 software might be a good fit for you.